Gods of Wheatstreet bring back memories of childhood

I attended Kindergarton in Coraki NSW. The year was 1986. I remember no food for lunch oneday. We lived behind an old shop and loved finding odd things still left there. Mum was with a bad man. I remember flooding and tadpoles. I remember a teacher giving me an apple for lunch. Watching ‘Back to the future’ on video.

Living in Casino: I remember the old weir, the slaughter house, kids who became racist when they saw my mum , oppressive old country town heat, mum was 40 something kilos when we lived in casino. The stress of raising kids on her own and dad being in jail. We lived with her foster mum, the same lady who took her on holidays from the orphanage when she was a ward of state. I remember the old encyclopedia britannica lining aunty fay’s walls. Encyclopedia was the first big word i learnt to spell out loud.


New Indigenous drama on ABC ‘Gods of Wheatstreet’  is based in casino and coraki. Memories of my childhood came flooding back.